1989 Award Winners

Volunteers recognized by Victoria County

  1. Mr. Gillis MacNeil, Clan Nordic Ski Club
  2. Mrs. Eveline MacLeod, South Haven Guild of Spinners, Weavers & Dyers
  3. Mr. Alfred MacLeod, Northern Victoria Community Centre
  4. Mr. Bill MacNeil, Clan MacNeil
  5. Mr. Alex MacLean, NS Highland Village
  6. Ms. Thelma Fraser, Middle River Explorers
  7. Wendell and Joan MacPhee, Baddeck Valley Community Club
  8. Mr. John MacKillop, Baddeck & Area Minor Hockey Association
  9. Ms. Janice MacRitchie, Silver Dart Skating Club
  10. Mr. Howard Cameron, 1st Baddeck Boy Scouts Group Committee
  11. Mr. Robert S. MacLeod, South Haven Community Hall
  12. Mr. Delroy MacInnis, North Shore & District Vol. Fire Dept.
  13. Mrs. John A MacInnis, North Shore Senior Citizens Group
  14. Mr. Bucky Carmichael, St. Ann's Bay Heritage Society
  15. Mrs. Shirley Donovan, 1st Ingonish Brownies
  16. Mr. Purcell Halliday, Boularderie Little League
  17. Mrs. Petra Patterson, 4th Boularderie Company, Brigade Canada
  18. Mr. Ross Ingraham, Cape Smokey Ski Club