1990 Award Winners

Volunteers recognized by Victoria County

  1. Mr. Hector MacKenzie, NS Highland Village
  2. Mr. Rod C. MacNeil, South Haven Guild of Spinners, Weavers & Dyers
  3. Ms. Charlotte Campbell, Northern Victoria Community Centre
  4. Ms. Bev Brett, St. Ann's Bay Players
  5. Ms. Agnes Dauphinee, Club 55, Ingonish
  6. Ms. Mary Ellen Matheson, Little Narrows Community Development Association
  7. Ms. Susan Janes, Baddeck Home & School Association
  8. Ms. Helen Burke, Highland PTA
  9. Mrs. Alfredine Baldwin, Cabot Home & School Association
  10. Mrs. Thelma Fraser, Middle River Explorers
  11. Mr. Donald Nicholson, Middle River Recreation Association
  12. Mr. Vince MacLean, Washabuck Community Centre
  13. Mr. Lloyd Donovan, Cape Smokey Ski Club
  14. Ms. Geraldine Jackson, Baddeck Valley Community Club
  15. Ms. Diana Banks, Centre Bras d'Or
  16. Ms. Christine MacLeod, Middle River CGIT
  17. Ms. Anne Bradley, Baddeck Brownies
  18. Ms. Beth Brett, Middle River Home & School Association
  19. Mr. Stuart Caldwell, District & Recreation Committee
  20. Mrs. Mary MacInnis, North Shore Senior Citizens Group
  21. Mr. Max MacNeil, Clan MacNeil
  22. Mr. Dan Neil Matheson, South Haven Community Club
  23. Ms. Verne MacDonald, 1st Baddeck Boy Scouts Group Committee
  24. Ms. Joan Fownes, Baddeck Valley Community Club
  25. Ms. Hattie Simpson, Arm of Gold
  26. Ms. Lynn Gorman, Cabot Little League
  27. Ms. Doreen Leblanc, Silver Dart Skating Club
  28. Mr. Bill Cooper, Baddeck Lions Club
  29. Ms. Jacinta MacKinnon, Baddeck Valley Outdoor Recreation Association
  30. Mr. Robert Morrison, Middle River Cross Country Ski Club
  31. Mrs. Anna R. MacInnis, North Shore Community Hall