1991 Award Winners

Victoria County Volunteers recognized

  1. Diane MacEachern, North Shore & District Vol. Fire Dept. Ladies Auxillary
  2. Bonnie Thompson, St.Ann’s Bay Heritage Society
  3. Gillie Poirier, Northern Victoria Community Centre
  4. Ann Catherine MacNeil, Clan MacNeil
  5. Mike Crimp, North Shore Community Hall
  6. Marie MacDonald, South Haven Guild o\f Spinners, Weavers and Dyers
  7. Diane Boyer, Club 55 Ingonish
  8. Mildred MacLellan, Middle River Recreation Association
  9. Ckristine MNacDonald, Silver Dart Figure Skating Club
  10. Dan MacNeil, North Highland Nordic
  11. Gillis MacNeil, Clan Nordic Ski Club
  12. Charlene MacNeil, Rankin Home & School Association
  13. Aggie Donovan, Cape Smokey Ski Club
  14. Nelsen Peterson, Baddeck Valley Community Club
  15. Francine Rouillard, Middle River Home & School Association
  16. Sheldon MacDonald, 1st Baddeck Boy Scout Association
  17. Peter Christiano, Middle Boy Scouts
  18. Sherill Harrison, Boularderie Island Ski Club
  19. Kenny Shaw, Baddeck Valley Outdoor Recreation Association
  20. Shane Ryan, Boularderie Little League
  21. ordon macDonald, North Shore & District Fire Dept.
  22. Rosemary McCormack, Iona Gaelic Playgroup
  23. Kaye Toms, Baddeck Home & School Association
  24. Bill MacNeil, NS Highland Village
  25. Shirely Hart, Middle river Nordic Ski Club
  26. Mary S. MacInnis, North Shore Senior Citizens Group
  27. Athol Grant, Friends of Centre Bras d’Or
  28. Kathyrn MacDonald, St. Ann’s- Baddeck/Waipu Twinning Society
  29. Rev. Richie Robinson, 4th Boularderie Company
  30. Themla Fraser, Middle River Explorers
  31. Archie MacLean, Washabuck Community Centre