1993 Award Winners

Volunteers Recognized by Victoria County

  1. Brad Matheson, North Shore & District Volunteer Fire Dept.
  2. Mrs. Ann Plant, North Shore Senior Citizens Group
  3. Mrs. Isabel MacAualay Jone, South Haven Community Hall
  4. Bill Cooper, Baddeck & Area Minor Hockey
  5. Ms. Joesphine Barron, Women’s Auxiliary District 9 Vol. Fire Dept.
  6. Roger Hardy, Cape Smokey Ski Club
  7. Joannie MacKay, Little Narrows Community Development Association
  8. Eddie Keeling, Baddeck Volunteer Fire Dept.
  9. Gavinna MacKenzie, The Munro Crafters Guild of Boularderie
  10. Walter Ross, Baddeck Lions Club
  11. Ford Green, 1st Baddeck Boy Scouts Group Committee
  12. Doris Warren, Ingonish Vol. Fire Dept Ladies Auxiliary
  13. Elvin Gaudley, Iona Vol. Fire Dept.
  14. Carl Garnder, Bouladerie Little League
  15. Dave Rasmussen, Northern Victoria Community Centre
  16. Judith Fownes, Baddeck Valley Community Club
  17. Lloyd Stone, Baddeck Valley Outdoor Recreation Association
  18. Gloria Fraser, Cabot Vol. Fire Dept. Ladies Auxiliary