1995 Award Winners

Volunteers Recognized by Victoria County

  1. Ms. Annette Goose, 1st Bay St. Lawrence Brownie Pack & 1st Bay St. Lawrence Girl Guides
  2. Mrs. Patsy MacKinnon, Highland PTA
  3. Mr. Dennis Smith, North Shore & District Vol. Fire Dept.
  4. Mr. Billy Stephens, Highland Bras d'Or Sport Fishing Association
  5. Mrs. Shirley Donovan, 1st Ingonish Brownies
  6. Ms. Catherine Elizabeth MacNeil, Iona Vol. Fire Dept.
  7. Mrs. Rosemary Algar, North Highlands Nordic Ski Club
  8. Mrs. Petra Patterson, 4th Boularderie Company, Brigade Canada
  9. Ms. Patti Buchanan, Barb Garland, Rosaline MacRae, Baddeck Volunteer Fire Dept.
  10. Ms. Anna (HectorMacNeil, NS Highland Village
  11. Mr.Bobby Buchanan, 1st Baddeck Boy Scouts Group Committee
  12. Mr. George Hardy, Mary Ann Jack Rabbits
  13. Ms. Anna Stone, Northern Victoria Community Centre
  14. Mr. Tom Prentice, St. Ann's Bay Youth Soccer
  15. Mrs. Pauline Donovan, Cape Smokey Ski Club
  16. Mr. Calvin Hillier, Hospice Society of Victoria County
  17. Mrs. Alice Beaton, 1st Baddeck Girl Guides Company
  18. Mrs. Heather MacInnis, St. Ann's Bay Players
  19. Mrs. Bernadette Kendell, Youth In Community Group
  20. Mrs. Gwynn Shaw, Baddeck & Area Minor Hockey
  21. Mrs. Dale Redden, Rankin Home & School Association
  22. Mr. Arnold MacNeil, Clan MacNeil
  23. Ms. Agnes MacLeod, Friends of Centre Bras d'Or
  24. Ms. Elaine MacLean, South Haven Community Hall