2000 Award Winners

The 19th Annual Victoria County Volunteer Recognition Night was held recently at the Big Bras d’Or Firehall on April 13th, 2000.  Eighteen volunteers and sixteen community organizations were recognized at the County’s volunteer night for their valuable contributions to their community and Victoria County.

Victoria County Volunteers were presented with certificates of appreciation from Municipal councillor Gerald Sampson. They are:

  1. Ms. Denise MacLellan - Little Narrows Community Development Association
  2. Ms. Janet Buchanan - Feis Chladaich a Tuath
  3. Mr. Fred Bonnar - NOSEDA
  4. Ms. Katherine Robinson - St. Ann's CAP Site
  5. Mr. Lloyd Michael MacInnis - North Shore Heritage Society
  6. Ms. Effie Shaw - North Shore Seniors Citizens Group
  7. Ms. Joyce Carmichael - Victoria Highland Civic Center
  8. Mr. Justin Bain - Brigade Canada
  9. Mr. Peter Philips - Ross Ferry Vol. Fire Dept.
  10. Ms. Minerva MacInnes - North Shore Learning & Enterprise Centre
  11. Ms. Thea Schuurkamp - Ross ferry Vol. Fire Dept.
  12. Ms. Liz MacNeil - Iona Vol. Fire Dept.
  13. Mr. Sandy Hudson - Baddeck Curling Club
  14. Mr. Dennis Smith - Alexander Smith Community Hall
  15. Mr. Brian MacDonald - Alexander Smith Community Hall
  16. Mr. Keith Bain - Big Bras d'Or Vol. Fire Dept.
  17. Mr. Johnny Buchanan - Cabot High Wrestling Team
  18. Mr. Shane Briand - Cabot High Wrestling Team

Mr. Justin Bain, Big Bras d’Or, was chosen to represent all the volunteers in Victoria County at the Provincial Volunteers Award Ceremony in Halifax on April 7th at Westin Hotel.  Justin is a youth volunteer and is a leader with 4th Brigade Canada Company in Big Bras d’Or.  Mr. Bain was presented with a certificate of appreciation from Premier John Hamm at the provincial volunteer awards ceremony.

The Community Achievement award is presented to a community organization in Victoria County who has improved the quality of life in their community with a new facility, program, activity or accomplished an outstanding chievement. Winners for 1999-2000 are as follows:

  1. Baddeck Curling Club
  2. Little Narrows Community Develop. Assoc
  3. Big Wave Summer Festival
  4. Cabot Trail Relay Run
  5. Neil’s Harbour/New Haven Vol. Fire Dept.
  6. Victoria County CAP Sites Association
  7. Big Bras d’Or Fire Ladies Auxiliary
  8. North Shore Learning & Enterprise Centre
  9. Baddeck Volunteer Fire Dept.
  10. Eastern Regional Health Board
  11. North Shore Heritage Society
  12. Baddeck Silver Bullets Speedskating Society
  13. Little River Fisheries & Heritage Museum
  14. Nova Scotia Highland Village
  15. Northern Victoria Community Centre
  16. Celtic Colours International Festival

"Victoria County is indeed blessed with outstanding volunteers and community organizations" says Tom C. Wilson, Director of Recreation & Tourism, Municipality of Victoria County, “they should be proud of their accomplishments this past year, I know I am.  Volunteers help provide many services, programs, activities in our County and make our County a special to live. They are indeed the heart of our communities in Victoria County.