2002 Award Winners

20th Annual Victoria County Volunteer Recognition Night

April 25th, 2002 at Gaelic College in St Ann’s

Recognized Volunteers:

  1. Petra Patterson-Brigade Canada
  2. Murdock(Buddy)MacNeil-Nova Scotia Highland Village
  3. Dennis Doyon-North Highlands Ski Club
  4. Peggy MacLeod-Middle River & Area Historical Society
  5. Hector MacRae-Middle River Business & Community Development Centre/CAP
  6. Calvin Hillier-North Shore Fire Department
  7. Brian Fitzgerald-North Highland Chamber of Commerce
  8. Donald Beaton-Little Narrows Community Development Association
  9. Helen Thompson-North Shore Senior Citizens Group
  10. Shelley Redden-Rankin Memorial Home & School Association
  11. Mrs. Calvin Hillier-North Shore Senior Citizens Group
  12. Elizabeth MacNeil-Iona Volunteer Fire Department
  13. Jessie MacRae-Middle River Recreation Association
  14. Robert Brown-Englishtown Fire Department
  15. Leo MacDougall- Washabuck Community Centre
  16. Christene Urquhart-South Haven Community Club
  17. Willy Matheson-Little River Fisheries and Heritage Museum
  18. Pauline Fournier-VCCAPS
  19. Orlynn Sommerville - Victoria Highlanders Soccer Association
  20. Meril Rasmussen – Bay St Lawrence Community Centre
  21. Robin Stuart – Englishtown Community Hall Association
  22. Sheila Van Schaick, Victoria County Tourism Advisory Council
  23. Dave Green , North Shore Learning & Enterprise Centre Society

Community Achievement Award:

  1. North Highlands Ski Club
  2. Middle River & Area Historical Society
  3. South Haven Community Club
  4. North Shore Senior Citizens Group
  5. CLANS-The Community Learning Association North of Smokey
  6. Victoria County CAP Sites Association
  7. Baddeck Silver Bullets Speed Skaters Society
  8. St Ann’s Bay Health Centre
  9. Bay St Lawrence Community Centre
  10. Victoria Highlanders Soccer Association
  11. Celtic Colours International Festival