2003 Award Winners

Victoria County Outstanding Volunteers

  1. Donnie Patterson – Boularderie CAP Site
  2. Elaine Allison - Victoria Highlanders Soccer Assocation
  3. Pauline Fournier – Victoria County CAP Sites Association
  4. Annette MacKenzie – Middle River Business & Community Development Centre
  5. Wendy MacNeil, Iona Vol. Fire Dept.
  6. Ron & Maria Gow, South Haven Community Hall
  7. Quentin MacDonald, NS Highland Village Society
  8. Shirley MacKinnon, Bay St. Lawrence Community Centre
  9. John and Melita Smolenars, Alderwood Working Council
  10. Alister MacInnis, North Shore Heritage Society
  11. Clara MacDonald, Washabuck Community Centre
  12. Stacy MacNeil, Iona CAP Site
  13. Dennis Doyon, North Highlands Nordic Ski Club
  14. Petra Patterson, Brigade Canada
  15. Bill Marchant, Baddeck Curling Club
  16. Earl Timmons, Victoria County Tourism Advisory Council
  17. Mary MacEachern, North Shore & District Vol, Fire Dept

Victoria County Community Achievement Award Winners

  1. South Haven Community Hall
  2. North Highlands Nordic Ski Club
  3. Alderwood Working Council
  4. Little River Fisheries & Heritage Museum
  5. Baddeck Academy School Playground Committee
  6. Victoria Highlanders Soccer Association
  7. Baddeck Area Ski Club
  8. Baddeck Silver Bullets Speed Skating Association
  9. Victoria County CAP Sites Association
  10. North Highlands Community Museum
  11. Nova Scotia Highland Village Society
  12. Boularderie & Area Historical Society
  13. Big Wave Summer Festival
  14. Celtic Colours International Festival Society
  15. St. Ann’s Bay Community Development Association
  16. Barra Food Bank
  17. Baddeck Nursery School
  18. Gaelic College of Celtic Arts & Crafts