Tourism Priorities for 2012-2013

Research & Communications

  1. Monitor and Track monthly tourism statistics on Nova Scotia, Cape Breton & Victoria County. In particular - occupancy rate, room nights sold, guest nights, key tourism indicators etc.
  2. To provide a monthly tourism newsletter to tourism operators with latest news of the industry
  3. To provide an annual report on the Tourism Statistics for Victoria County
  4. To maintain and update regularly the Victoria County Tourism Resource Centre website on the latest news regionally, nationally, international as well tourism technology news and tourism calendar of events. A newly designed site is expected to be launched by end of October.
  5. To post articles of interest for tourism industry on TourismVC Blog utilizing new media from time to time
  6. To update regularly the events calendar and promote events using social media
  7. To provide economic impact of tourism in Victoria County report when stats become available from NS Tourism. Numbers are expected in late 2012. A new model has been created thus the delay. In 2008, Victoria County had tourism revenues of $53.1 million, 1300 direct & indirect jobs in tourism and a payroll of $20.8 million.

  Marketing and Partnerships

  1. To partner with Celtic Heart of North America in promoting & marketing Celtic culture. Monitor & Track results
  2. To partner with Celtic Colours International Festival in promoting and marketing Celtic Colours events in Victoria County and Cape Breton Island. Monitor and track results
  3. To assist BABTA and Northern Cape Breton Development Society ( Top of the Island) with Doers and Dreamers Guide
  4. To re-design Visit Victoria County and add new features – experiences, trip itineraries, interactive maps, and add social media. Measure and track results
  5. To partner with Destination Cape Breton Association and the new Nova Scotia Long Term Strategy for Tourism
  6. To monitor and track results of the Marketing Levy
  7. To providing 50/50 cost sharing funding assistance to community tourism groups for brochures/maps, Online Marketing and websites

Product Development – Tourism Destination areas

  1. To partner with Ingonish Tourism Steering Committee, a sub committee of Ingonish Development Society with social media & website development
  2. To partner with BABTA on STEP program, signage, website and social media.
  3. To partner with Northern Cape Breton Development Society with On-line Marketing, website and social media.
  4. To partner with CTWA on website & brochure/map and assist with Roger Brooks Re -Assessment of Cabot Trail
  5. To partner with DCBA on Product Development Projects
  6. To provide a capital project funding assistance program to assist local tourism groups with capital projects and leverage funding from other partners
  7. To attend Nova Scotia Product Development Day

Training and Conference

  1. To host the an annual Victoria County Tourism conference focusing on experiences, cultural tourism, online marketing including social media
  2. To host workshops
  3. To produce and offer webinars to help prepare the tourism industry for upcoming season