Animal Control Services

The Municipality of the County of Victoria Dog By-Law states:

"Every dog residing in the Municipality must be registered annually with the Municipality.  Dogs are to be registered in the month of April for the fiscal year commencing on April 1st."

Dog tags may be obtained by contacting the Municipal Offices for the Municipality or a Dog Control Officer.  Annual registration fee for a spayed female and neutered male is $10.00. Annual registration fee for an un-spayed female and an un-neutered male is $25.00.

On the first registration of a dog, the Municipality shall provide the owner with a dog tag.  The dog tag is issued only on first registration and renewals of registration are confirmed on payment of fees by annotation in the dog's registration records.  In the event a dog tag is lost, the owner is responsible to notify the Dog Control Officer and/or Municipal Offices to purchase a replacement dog tag.


Dog Control Officers

South Victoria

John Berk
Phone - 902-295-0532

North Victoria

Terry Hogan
Phone - 902-285-0394