Blue Bag Recycling Information

blue bagsThis page will contain detailed information on blue bag recycling requirements

pdf Waste Management Newsletter-Summer 2009 (373 KB)

Blue Bag Items


  • includes newspapers, flyers, & catalogues
  • must be dry and unsoiled
  • waxed paper products

Please keep newspaper & corrugated cardboard separate from all other items. If you only have small amounts, place them in a grocery bag within your blue bag.

Corrugated Cardboard

  • smooth on outside with a wavy center
  • must be broken down and flattened
  • must be dry and unsoiled

Steel/Tin Cans

  • remove lids and place them inside can pinch top
  • cans must be rinsed clean

Redeemable Beverage Containers

  • discard covers & lids and place in your regular garbage
  • includes water, pop, liquor, and juice containers

HDPE #2 Plastic Containers

  • only containers with the # 2 inscribed inside the recycling symbol are acceptable (these inscribed symbols are usually found on the bottom)
  • must be rinsed clean and discard the covers or lids in your regular garbage

Glass Food Containers

  • includes jam, pickle, salsa, and salad dressing jars & etc.
  • must rinse clean
  • do not place broken glass or light bulbs inside your blue bag