Business Listings in Victoria County

Victoria County businesses are now able to create their own listings for the Victoria County website. These listings will help visitors and residents to find the important information they need to know about your business and your events.

Helpful Listing Tips
On the left of your screen, see a series of tabs – this is where you will enter your listing details.
Certain items are required before the listing can be submitted. These are marked by a red asterisk for your convenience. More information is of course welcome, but the following are required:
• On the Basic Details page, you will need to enter a title, select the type of listing from one of the six possible types, and enter a description.
• On the Categories page, select all applicable categories for your listing.
• On the Photography page, you will require a photo to upload.
• On the Location page you will need to select one of the communities from the provided list.
Once all necessary details have been entered, you will be able to submit your listing for approval. If any necessary information is missing, you will be prompted to enter the information before submission. All listings will then be reviewed prior to being approved and posted to our website.

To start creating your listing simply click on this link to begin:

For inquiries, please contact:

Colleen Whelan-Smith

Tourism & Community Development Coordinator

Phone: 902 295-0788

Dan Coffin

Manager of Tourism & Recreation

Phone: 902-294-0060

Fax: 902-295-3331