Tourism On-Line Listings

Victoria County Tourism Department recognizes and has invested in creating a Tourism Operator listing database that is linked and fed by website listings and the Nova Scotia Tourism Partner portal. This means that as an existing business, when you change or update your listing on, the information will also be adjusted on the Victoria County website as well as regional websites such as and etc. Partner Portal

In order to get listed on you need to have or
create an account on the Partner Portal.

Events & Experiences

We suggest that all operators list their events and experiences on, which will then feed into our tourism database and associated websites.

Listing eligibility


The Province is modernizing the legislation governing accommodation operations in Nova Scotia. The existing Tourist Accommodations Act (TAA), and the requirement for accommodation businesses to be licensed, will be replaced by the new Tourist Accommodations Registration Act (TARA).  These new rules and regulations started on April 1, 2020.  More details on licensing and other information can be found here.

If you have any issues uploading your listing to, please contact:
Stephanie Wadden,

Community Development Groups & Businesses
(new or non-tourism)

If you have a business in Victoria County and are not tourism focused or if you assist in managing a public space or community group and would like to be listed on the website, please complete the Businesses / Organization Listing Update form found here.