About Victoria County

Victoria County is a rural municipality servicing approximately 7,000 residents over a large geographic area that is approximately 2,878 square kilometres with 4,924 dwellings and spans from Iona at the southernmost point, to Bay St. Lawrence and Capstick at the top of the island.

Victoria County municipal office building and council chambers is located at 497 Chebucto Street on the main street in Baddeck. The municipality owns and operates waste transfer stations in Baddeck and Dingwall and recycling depots in Baddeck and New Haven. The Victoria County Water Utility has four water treatment plants in Little Narrows, Ingonish, Neil’s Harbour and Dingwall.

Victoria County Vision Statement
Victoria County has a proud, vibrant culture, rich with arts and traditions, and supports a lifestyle in which every generation is healthy and active.

We encourage sustainable livelihoods and benefit from the diverse skill sets within our communities.

We have a spacious, magnificent and bountiful landscape. Nestled within the forest glens and along the County’s extensive coastline, are welcoming communities where you can find a generosity of spirit, safety and serenity.

Victoria County Core Values

Community: We cherish our sense of interdependence, belonging and generosity

Environment: We are stewards of a magnificent piece of the planet, one that includes a vast inland sea, mountains, forest glens, rivers and abundant wildlife

Culture: We celebrate the traditions of deeply rooted cultures through words, music and dance

Safety: We appreciate a life free of fear for ourselves, our families and our neighbours

Rural life: We value space and quiet connections to the land and a diversity of livelihoods

A Message from the Warden

Welcome back to Victoria County!

Victoria County is extending a warm welcome to both residents and visitors following two years of travel restrictions. Our local shops, tour operators and the many places to stay and dine are all open for business.

The past few years saw many of us getting outdoors to connect with nature and explore an abundance of safe outdoor activities that our island has to offer. The once rarely traversed trails are now popular hiking spots and the hidden gems are being discovered by people from across the globe.

Ingonish has launched a new website called Experience Ingonish to showcase the endless options for shopping, dining and places to stay and things to do in the area – with something for everyone in every season. Year-round operators like the Shoreline Adventure Center and the Highland Hostel are offering unique stay and adventure travel experiences and Cape Smokey, home to Atlantic Canada’s first gondola, is setting the bar high with a series of concerts and events hosted at the ski hill.

To get you where you need to go, Victoria County Transit offers an affordable and convenient transportation service for residents and visitors. The transit service operates year-round and seven days a week. Check them out for your next day trip at www.vctbus.ca.

Whether you’re an adventure seeker or prefer to relax in nature, I encourage you to get out, support our local businesses and discover Victoria County as a four-season destination.