Municipal Land Use Planning

Plan Victoria is a project to create a Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law for all areas of the Municipality of the County of Victoria. In 2018, the Provincial Government passed Bill 58, an amendment to the Municipal Government Act that requires every municipality to develop and adopt planning. Currently, the municipality of the County of Victoria has one plan area (Baddeck) and a plan related to large-scale wind turbines. Much of the Municipality currently remains unplanned.

Existing Planning Documents

To learn more about the Plan Eastern Nova project, planning more generally, and why it’s important, check out the project Home page to view a recording of the online Open House.

Engagement Opportunities

Community Visioning Workbook

At the Open Houses, we discussed the importance of hearing your vision for your community to help ensure the new planning documents align with the community’s goals and values. To help facilitate that conversation (in a Covid-friendly way), we’ve developed a Community Visioning Workbook. This simple document is designed to help individuals, families, friends and organizations to share their vision for the future of their community. Complete it around the kitchen table, or get some folks together to reflect on the past, present and future of your community. There are eleven guiding questions, and the activity can take as few as 10 minutes to complete, or as long as you like depending on the depth of your conversations and the size of your group.

You can print it off and fill it in, or complete the fillable PDF by downloading the file, filling in your answers, saving it and sending it back to us. If you have any questions you can contact us at

To download the workbook, click the button below, then click the arrow in the top right corner of the new window, or fill it out, then download, but be sure to click “with your changes” to save your entries.

The Residents’ Survey is now live. Please follow the link below to participate.

The Social Pinpoint Interactive Map is now live! Visit the map and leave comments about what you love in your community, where you see ideas and opportunities for the future, and any other general comments you have for the project team. See what other folks have to say, “like” or “dislike” comments, or engage in a respectful discussion.

Early Winter of 2022 there will be opportunities for the public to share their thoughts on the new municipal planning strategy. This project will focus primarily on areas of the Municipality where there are currently no zoning controls in place. Input from the public will be instrumental in determining the path forward – sign up for updates on the Home page to stay in the loop and learn about opportunities to share your thoughts.

Contact the project team if you have any questions: