Keep Caps and Labels On!

Posted on:
May 15, 2023

Keep the caps and labels on refundable beverage containers!

Our local Enviro-Depot now accept clean, empty refundables with their caps ON!

To simplify recycling for consumers and collect plastic material that may otherwise end up in the landfill, Divert NS has changed it’s practice. In the past, Divert NS asked consumers remove lids since they are composed of a different type of plastic. Now with advancements in processing, this is no longer an issue!

It also requests that labels be visible on beverage bottles, to ensure they were purchased in Nova Scotia and the deposit was paid. Divert NS must be able to see the UPC codes on bottles to make sure they are eligible for a refund in NS, regardless of if it says “Return for Refund”.

These efforts increase the sustainability of our recycling programs by removing more recyclable materials from Nova Scotia landfills. Learn more about recycling beverage containers at:

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