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Big Intervale Campground – Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Date: May 21st 2021 until October 24th 2021

Location: Cape Breton Highlands National Park, at the base of North Mountain, 10 km from Cape North.

Big Intervale Campground is a small campground located on the bank of the Aspy River. With only 5 tent sites, it’s a good spot to pull over and camp on your way around the Cabot Trail, especially if it’s late in the day and you don’t want to travel over the mountains after dark. If you’re cycling around the Cabot Trail, this is an excellent spot to camp before you continue your journey. Please note that there is no potable water available on site. 

Campground Services:

  • Pit privies

Pay by self-registration or at a Park Visitor Centre. Reservations not accepted. 

There are several walking/hiking trails nearby:  

  • Aspy, start at Beulach Ban Falls and follow the valley up to a look-off that offers panoramic views of the Aspy Fault and the cascading highlands that surround it.
  • Lone Shieling, to see a replica of a Scottish crofters hut and a towering old growth hardwood forest, one of the oldest in the Maritimes.
  • Mica Hill,  to a gradual climb through an Acadian forest which transitions into a taiga landscape. Continue along a narrower footpath to Mica Hill’s remarkable outcrops of quartz and mica.

Please note that there is no potable water onsite. Make sure you pack extra drinking water.


Please be responsible and join with us in caring for our environment. Take your garbage with you, keep wildlife at a safe distance, and stay on designated trails to protect fragile plant life. 

Nature, other visitors, and future generations will be thankful for your stewardship.

GPS Location: N46 49.833 W60 36.760

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