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Cabot Trail Adventures; Sea Kayak, Paddle Board, Cycle, Sea It All

Date: June 1st 2023 until September 30th 2023

Experience the North Eastern Coast of the Cabot Trail, from the Cape Breton Highlands National Park to the open waters of the Northern Atlantic.  We provide quality sea kayaks, paddle boards and bicycles to get you up close and personal with the salt spray.  Our half day guided tours share the history and culture of the regions, while our easy rentals allow you to explore at your own pace.  

This customizable package offers you the flexibly to take our guided half day sea kayak tour, exploring the coastlines of South Harbour and Aspy Bay, including instructions, barrier beaches and great stories combined with our half day Atlantic Fisheries cycling tour, which explore the local village, quarry, St Paul Island Lighthouse and Hideaway Oyster Farm and cafe.   Your guides will also set you up for a Paddle Boarding lesson and experience.  This package includes detailed recommendations for the best local hikes, both those found in the Highlands National Park and the special trails found north of the park.

A self guided option is also available for those who wish to explore on their own; including maps and detailed instructions guests can kayak, cycle and paddle board on their own.  

Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm

Tours and Rentals offered 

Cabot Trail Adventures has been operating since 1997 in South Harbour, Northern Cape Breton, with local guides and owners.  We offer safe and informative kayaking, cycling and paddle boarding.  In these trying times we have increased our focus on Covid Safe Practices, including Masks wearing during adventure set up, hand sanitizer stations and social distancing.  We ask group to maintain distance from each other.   

Tours and Rentals can be booked via email at and you will be sent an deposit invoice via our Square online shop.  Rentals maybe booked by email or can be drop in during the main season

We partner with Hideaway Oyster Market and the St Paul Island Community Museum 

Check us out at  or email to book today! 

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