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Cape Breton Northern Tip Charters

Come join us on the water for your own nautical adventure along the northern tip of Cape Breton Island. Take in the island’s beauty and rugged coastline aboard a 41- foot Cape Island style refurbished fishing boat. The Charles B is a Transport Canada approved pleasure vessel captained by seasoned local fisherman, Skipper Scott Burton. Come join us for a tale or two!

Tour lengths are not predetermined. These are only suggestions of where and what could happen if you were aboard for a given duration. Your Charter officially starts when the Charles B steams up to the Bay St. Lawrence bell buoy, located 1 mile due north from the wharf. Here’s where you could go.

1 hour tour

For one hour, once I’ve steamed out from the wharf to the Bell Buoy, I can take you wherever you like along the coastline. I can take you east toward Money Point, or west toward Meat Cove and Cape St. Lawrence. Maybe we will see an eagle or some seals! And for sure you’ll hear stories and tales about me, the fishery, and the people of Northern Cape Breton from Skipper Scott.

2-3 hour tour

Steaming west away from the buoy we can head to Meat Cove and make our way all the way to Pollett’s Cove. Skipper Scott can point out different spots used by fishers to mark their location such as Lowland Cove or the Hammer. You can imagine you are on your way to your own fishing grounds. In season, there is time for handline jigging of mackerel or cod. Relax and take in the vista of the water’s horizon or the many moods of the Highlands. Capstick is one of my favourite places to stop after a steam. Add your name to the list of those who’ve jumped from my gunnels to enjoy swimming and floating before heading back to the wharf. Or head east to White Rock and around Money Point. Either way, be welcomed back by locals and visitors alike waving from ashore as we ease into the channel and to my berth.

4+ hour fishery tours

Lobster, snow crab, and halibut are the main commercial fisheries of the fleet operating out of Bay St. Lawrence Harbour. Be a part of the action with me for a once a year only experience accompanying the lobster boats race out the channel to their lobster grounds running from White Rock to Cape St. Lawrence.

Leaving in the wee hours of the morning, take a tour of the “Cowboy Fishery” to watch halibut as big as 250 pounds being hauled up by local crews. Or take a sunrise tour out to “the patch” and observe crab boats hoist traps their conical traps. Perhaps a feed awaits you back on shore!

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