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Cultural Demonstrations

Date: June 20th 2022 until October 7th 2022

The Great Kilt Demonstration

10:30am: The precursor to the modern-day kilt, the great kilt was a multi-purpose garment used by ancient Scots. Watch as our master kilt makers transform 9-metres of tartan fabric into this extraordinary piece, and dress one of our visitors in this traditional garb.

Gaelic Lesson and Milling Frolic

11:00am: Originally a way to ease the hard work of the millers, the traditional milling frolic has evolved into an enjoyable session where songs, stories, and laughter are shared with friends, family, and neighbours. Sit in at the milling table, and learn a few handy Gaelic phrases before getting into a traditional milling song, and trying your hand at “drubbing” the fabric.

Cape Breton Music and Dance

11:30am: Known around the world, the style of music found in Cape Breton is infectious, and you’ll get caught up in the excitement as traditional musicians and dancers introduce you to the types of tunes, style of music, and little nuances unique to this tradition. Learn a strathspey, jig, or reel “step” from one of our dancers.


1:00pm: (12pm if there is no lunchtime ceilidh) Our resident-weaver gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the process involved in creating spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces. Working on a floor loom, you’ll learn of the old world techniques still in use today, and the many fine details that go into one single woven piece.

Gaelic Storytelling

1:30pm: (12:30pm if there is no lunchtime ceilidh) The storytelling demo will take you on a journey through the humourous, spooky and fantastic tales and legends of the Gaels. With material ranging from the tall tales of Hector Doink to ancient Fenian tales, these stories will be presented in Gaelic and in English, so listener will be able to hear the rhythm of the Scottish Gaelic language, while still getting all the jokes! Pull up a chair and join us for a cozy afternoon chat.

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