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Eco Expeditions

Date: July 1st 2023 until November 1st 2023

Eco Expeditions offers boat tours and guided fishing charters from Baddeck, Nova Scotia as well as kayak and stand-up paddleboard rentals from the Baddeck Harbour. 

Our signature tour takes participants through the Baddeck Harbour and then heads towards Beinn Bhreagh, the former estate of Alexander Graham Bell. During this section of the tour, participants will experience the best views of Bell’s impressive house and laboratory. 

Next, you’ll navigate the bay where Bell and his associates conducted the first flight in the British Empire and broke the world water speed record with the HD4 Hydrofoil. Finally, as the participants enter Beinn Bhreagh Harbour, they will head through a private cove to the site of a sunken schooner, the Yankee.

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