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The Bell Family Album: Beinn Bhreagh

Date: June 1st 2023 until October 30th 2023

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This family of photographers has gifted us with a legacy of images that illustrate stories about Bells’ lives at home and at work. Narrated by an expert Parks Canada guide, see these photos come to life on the big screen!

In 1885, Alexander Graham Bell and his wife Mabel first visited Baddeck, a quiet little Maritime village, and a stark contrast to their home in busy Washington, DC. They enjoyed visiting Baddeck so much that they returned the next year, and the next, and by 1893 had constructed a summer home on the peninsula overlooking the village. Called Beinn Bhreagh, Gaelic for ‘beautiful mountain,’ this “cottage” had 37 rooms, eleven fireplaces, and over 400 acres of land. The Bell family has enjoyed summers at their estate ever since. The family produced several avid photographers, and we’ve been left with a visual record of their time on the estate.

During this 30 minute presentation, a guide tells the story of the family – both personal and professional – with the assistance of these beautiful photos. Beinn Bhreagh is still privately owned by the Bells’ descendant, so this presentation offers an exclusive look at this historic estate.

June 1 to August 31, 2022

Call for availability

30 minutes

$4.25 per person


For the best experience, we recommend reserving your spot in advance and checking our website and social media for the most up to date information when planning your visit. For more information or to book your spot contact: 902-295-2069 or

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