No Mow May (for Mabel)

Posted on:
May 12, 2023

For the second year, the Municipality of Victoria County is supporting No Mow May (for Mabel) by not mowing municipal lawns during May. The intention is to keep ground cover untouched for a month and allow pollinators such as bees, to get shelter and food in the early spring.

Alexander Graham Bell Foundation (ABGF) approached Victoria Council in 2022 requesting support for Mabel’s Gardens Project, which is a partnership with Parks Canada and Cape Breton University Scientist Dr. Alana Pindar. The No Mow May (for Mabel) signage is being provided by Mabel’s Garden Project.

No Mow May (for Mabel) Lawn Signs

If you’d to get involved in No Mow May (for Mabel), you can pick up a sign at no cost at either at the Municipal Building at 495 Chebucto Street in Baddeck. Signs will also be available at the Alexander Graham Bell Museum beginning May 19th.

No Mow May (for Mabel) Lawn Sign

Did you know?

  • Bees are the most common pollinators. Other pollinators include butterflies, moths, wasps, flies, some types of beetles, hummingbirds and certain bats.
  • One out of every three bites of food you eat exists because of the efforts of pollinators, including many fruits, vegetables, and seeds.
  • Pollinators support the food and habitat of animals.
  • At least 75 percent of all the flowering plants on earth are pollinated by insects and animals! This amounts to more than 1,200 food crops and 180,000 different types of plants—plants which help stabilize our soils, clean our air, supply oxygen, and support wildlife.

Sources: US National Park Service and Health Canada

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