Beacon Baddeck Community Planning Project

The Beacon Baddeck Community Development Plan is a community-driven initiative. The mission of the Beacon Baddeck Advisory Committee (BBAC) is centred around engaging residents and the community sector to collaboratively identify common community goals.

The process involves extensive community consultation, with a commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that the diverse perspectives and needs of the community are taken into account. The ultimate aim is to develop both short-term and mid-term visions and plans. These plans will serve as a roadmap for the community’s development, outlining specific steps and strategies for achieving the identified goals.

The emphasis on a community-led process is significant, as it represents a belief in the power of local residents and stakeholders to actively contribute to and shape the future of Baddeck. This participatory approach allows for a sense of ownership and commitment from the community, fostering a stronger sense of connection and unity.

The overarching goal is the enhancement of “The Baddeck Experience.” This is a holistic approach to community development that goes beyond just economic considerations, encompassing aspects related to quality of life, culture, environment, and tourism.

In summary, the Beacon Baddeck Community Development Plan is a thoughtful and comprehensive initiative that seeks to create a shared vision for the community’s future, driven by the active involvement of residents and various stakeholders. We hope that this type of community engagement will be a powerful catalyst for positive change and sustainable development.


BBAC: Beacon Baddeck Advisory Committee
BBWG: Beacon Baddeck Working Group
BBCDP: Beacon Baddeck Community Development Plan (“The Plan”)

Beacon Baddeck Working Group – Nominations Open Nov. 9th, 2023

We are asking for your help in forming the Beacon Baddeck Working Group who will steer and guide this community development process.
The Nomination process will open November 9th, 2023, and will close January 31, 2024.
The selection process will complete February 9th, 2024 with a 7 – 12 person BBWG.

Click here for more information on the role of the Beacon Baddeck Working Group (BBWG)

CBC Interview about Beacon Baddeck Community Planning Project