BBAC Beacon Baddeck Advisory Committee

The Beacon Baddeck Advisory Committee consists of the following people. They represent a cross section of our community and are focused on facilitating a fair and focused community driven planning project.

NameCommunity Connection
Rea GermaniBusiness Service sector / Recreation
Terry KellyLong term Resident at Large
Cathy LameyBusiness Tourism / Culinary
Steven GoldthwaiteBaddeck Waterfront
Gioa UsherNew Resident at Large
Blair PardyParks Canada
Roman Braun-HuettnerVillage of Baddeck

The role of Municipality of the County of Victoria in this project is as Facilitation of the delivery of project as directed and guided by the BBAC. The Municipality is further committed to supporting the community development process both financially and with human resources to assist in executing the project elements and some of the administrative requirements. The Tourism and Recreation Manager, Dan Coffin is the lead facilitator on this project with assistance from Tourism and Community Development Manager, Colleen Whelan-Smith.

The Village of Baddeck are a key partner in this project and have been involved in planning and advisory process of this project since it has begun. As such, a representative of the Village of Baddeck is included in the BBAC for continued inclusion in all aspects of the planning process.