Community Development Support Programs

Victoria County Recognizes the value that Community Development Organizations and common interest groups provide to the communities and resident quality of life. For this reason, the following programs have been established to assist in these organizations in managing and executing on the organizational plans and mandates.

Does your community group or organization have questions about running meetings, submitting financial statements or creating By-Laws?

We would like to help you learn and develop best practices for running your organization so that the focus can be on executing the mandate of your group and less time in the long run dealing with red tape and formal processes that are unclear or challenging to navigate.

Reach out to Dan at to find out more about supports that may be available for your not for profit organization.

Program description:

The community student research project is a new initiative under development by Cape Breton University, to create opportunities for building collaborative relationships between CBU students and communities across the island. The goal of this program is to partner student researchers with community organizations and small business across the island. Through this program, CBU will match student researchers with a community organization or small business and provide 100 hours of research service to the organization. CBU student researchers will provide their experience and expertise in research to help your organization tackle new or on-going research projects. In return, students will be paid $2000 by CBU for their time.

How it works:

Following applications from both students and community organizations, CBU will review the applications and match students and community organizations based of similar research interest, skills and needs. Applying community organizations and businesses must outline a research project and the role the student researcher will have within the project. The matched student research will be available to your organization for a maximum of 100 hours over a four-month period.

Examples of possible research methods:

The following are possible research activities or methods your organization may be interesting in undertaking with a student researcher.

  • Archival research
  • Literature review
  • Policy/document analysis
  • Data collection
  • Needs assessment
  • Program evaluation
  • Environmental scan
  • Impact studies

Benefit to you: 100 hours of free research assistance from an experienced CBU student researcher.

Benefit to the student: Opportunities to gain first-hand research experience with fair financial compensation.

Benefit to CBU: Improve community outreach and create new opportunities for our students.

Contact information:

If you have any questions about this program, please email or call Jared Walters at or 902-563-3196.


Currently under development. Please check back later.