Trails Development Support Program

Victoria County believes in the value trails bring to our residents through access to outdoor activities and locations as well as the many mental health benefits from spending time outdoors and in nature.

In an effort to support the great work done by many community and organization volunteers, the following Trails Development Support program has been established. Applications are welcome under one of the following three steams noted here.

  • New Development – To provide one time financial support to fund or provide initial seed funding for a new project that enhances and supports the Municipal Trails Strategy.
    Cannot exceed 15% of the total project cost. Maximum amount eligible to request is $10,000.
  • Trail Maintenance / Repair – To provide one-time support for the required repair of section of an existing trail or to execute a portion of planned trail maintenance project. 
    Cannot exceed one-third (1/3) of the total project cost. Maximum amount eligible to request is $3,000.
  • Marketing – To provide grants to community organizations that have a mandate to market and promote the use of a trail as part of the Municipal Trails Strategy. This funding is intended to focus on marketing through maps and website or digital content to assist in the user experience of being on the trail.
    Maximum amount eligible to request is $2,500.
    Not intended to support staff salaries or wages.

Trails Development Application Form

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