Volunteer Nomination Information

2023 Winners – Big Bras d’Or Community Hall Volunteers

Victoria County is full of hardworking volunteers and those people are the heart of our communities. We recognize the hard work and dedication the many volunteers give to help support our community.

If you know of a youth, individual, community group, or organization who you feel exemplifies the true meaning of being a volunteer, please complete the following nomination form and submit it to the Recreation and Active Living Department.

Nominate someone today and they could be this year’s top Victoria County Volunteer and represent us at the Provincial Volunteer Awards ceremony being held in September, 2024.

Acknowledging the volunteers that spend so much of their time assisting others is incredibly important and encourages communities to reflect on those who do so. Please nominate someone you believe deserves to be recognized for their contributions.


Nominees must meet the following requirements to be eligible for participation:

· Nominees must volunteer in the Municipality of the County of Victoria

· County Councillors and employees of the Municipality of the County of Victoria are not eligible.

Each Nominee will be scored individually by the Volunteer Committee member under each of the following categories:

  • Community Reach
  • Community Impact
  • Community Inspiration

Scoring on the above categories is 1 to 5 – low end to high end.

All three categories will be added together for a total score. The minimum score total being 3 and maximum score total 15 per individual Volunteer committee members.

Once all committee members provide their scores, total scores will be combined and the nominee with the highest score will be pronounced as the Victoria County Volunteer Award winner and will be Victoria County’s representative at the Nova Scotia Provincial Volunteer Award banquet.

Category Definitions:

Community Reach (1-5)

  • who benefitted from the nominee’s effort?
  • how many people did the nominee’s effort assist.
  • have the nominee’s efforts helped beyond their local community?

Community Impact (1-5)

  • has the nominee’s efforts made a difference?
  • will the nominee’s efforts be sustained?
  • have residents gained from the nominee’s efforts?

Community Inspiration (1-5)

  • has the nominees’ actions strengthened the community?
  • have these actions addressed a community concern?
  • would these actions inspire others to become such a role model as the nominee?

Volunteer Recognition:

The Nominee selected will be recognized on Victoria County social media and website and will require a photograph.

The Nominee selected will receive $500 honorarium.

The successful Nominee will have the option to attend the Provincial Award Ceremony.

Nominations for 2024 are now closed! Stay tuned for the Volunteer of the Year announcement!

Please submit the downloadable application to Christopher Woodford either by:

Email- christopher.woodford@victoriacounty.ca

IN-Person- 495 Chebucto Street, Baddeck NS, B0E 1B0

Mail- 495 Chebucto Street, PO Box 370, Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0