Tax Sales

Tax Sales Property tax accounts that are more than one year in arrears are subject to tax sale proceedings.

The Municipality has the authority to begin tax sale proceedings on tax accounts that are at least one year in arrears. With this authority, council has taken a more aggressive approach to collections and as a result, property owners who have not paid their 2020 tax bill(s) are now subject to tax sale.

Please note the tax sale process listed below can be stopped at any time prior to the start of the tax sale itself with full payment of arrears and, if incurred, any tax sale expenses.

The tax sale process has four main steps which include:

  1. The tax sale list is compiled and a 30-Day Preliminary First Notice of Tax Sale is mailed to each property owner. This notice will include the first potential date of publication in the local newspapers and our website as well as the deadline for response and payment.
  2. If full payment has not been received by the deadline in the first notice, the tax accounts are sent to the municipality’s solicitor for a title search of the property and this expense (minimum $1,000) is added to the total amount owing on the account.
  3. Once the title search is completed a 60-Day Final Notice of Tax Sale is sent to each property owner by registered mail (this expense is also added to the total amount owing). This notice will include the date, time and location of the tax sale, as well as the type of tax sale, either tax sale by tender or public auction.
  4. The list of tax accounts that are up for tax sale will be published at least 30 days prior to the tax sale date in the local newspapers, as well as on the municipality’s website. This published list will include, among other details, the names of each property owner, the location of the property, and the starting bid amount, which is the total taxes/interest owing on the account plus all incurred tax sale expenses.

The municipality holds a minimum of three tax sales per calendar year. Once a tax sale date is scheduled it will be posted here.

Upcoming Tax Sale – December 14, 2021

Tax Sale Listings for Dec 14 2021 – updated Nov 19

Current as of Nov 19, 2021. Updated on Fridays.

Bid form and Terms for Tender bids