Waste Management Services

It’s no coincidence that there is lots of green and blue in Victoria County’s logo. These colours also play a role in Victoria County’s waste management efforts. Naturally, it’s all connected.

These colours help us to put waste in its place. And this makes sure we are doing our part to help keep Victoria County clean and beautiful. Our goal is to make sure that items that can be recycled are.

That means placing plastics, tin cans and bottles into one blue bag; cereal boxes, newsprint and paper into another blue bag. That also means placing food waste like tea bags, egg shells and table scraps into a green bag. Once your blue and green bags are collected at your curbside, the Public Works Department ensures that the blue bag contents are delivered to a market and that the green bag material is returned to the earth to make compost. You can help by ensuring the right waste is in the right bag and that your recyclables are rinsed.

Ultimately, this will keep our county’s waters blue and our mountains green. It’s all connected.

Contact us at 902-295-2026 or by email at recycle@victoriacounty.ca

Recyling in Victoria County

A behind-the-look view of recycling in Victoria County. Where does your recycling go after putting the blue bags out for collection? Follow along with us! “Recycling Ready” shows where your recycling goes, then watch “Keep it Clean” to find out why we ask residents to keep recyclables clean.