Waste Management Services

It’s no coincidence that there is lots of green and blue in Victoria County’s logo. These colours help us to put waste in its place and make sure we are doing our part to help keep Victoria County clean and beautiful. Our goal is to make sure that items that can be recycled are.

Contact us at 902-295-2026 or by email at recycle@victoriacounty.ca

What’s new in waste management?

As we adapt and find better ways to deal with different waste in Victoria County and across Nova Scotia, our approach to managing waste changes. We will keep you posted on upcoming changes to our services and waste management policies here. Click on the titles below to read more.

Treated Wood Disposal Ban

Treated wood is banned from at construction and demolition disposal sites by the Province of Nova Scotia to help prevent contamination of groundwater and surface water. Any wood from the construction, renovation, or demolition of exterior structures such as wharves, fences, decks, and retaining walls is likely treated.  Effective July 5, 2024, treated wood will no longer be accepted at our sites.

For help identifying treated wood take a look at this document. Please contact WRM@novascotia.ca for more information.

Expansion of Electronics Recycling

Effective June 1, 2024, the electronics recycling program operated by Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) will include small household electric appliances such as irons, can openers, and hair dryers.


Divert Champion of the Environment

Each year, Divert NS offers eight $2500 scholarships to Grade 12 students across the province who exemplify dedication to protecting our environment. Applications close on April 28, 2024.