Clear Bag Program

Victoria County Waste Collection facilities and Waste Collection crews do not accept non-compliant waste. Non-compliant bags will be left curbside with a rejection sticker and must be re-sorted/corrected before being accepted at our facilities or collected.

The Victoria County waste management system has three waste streams:

  • Clear bags for garbage
  • Blue bags for recyclables
  • Green bags for organics

Non-compliant waste is waste that does not follow our Solid Waste by-law. It can be garbage mixed with recyclables in a blue bag or a mix of items in one bag; it may be a bag that is over the acceptable weight limit (25 kgs).

Food in blue bags (food stuff should be placed in a translucent green bag)
Recyclable items in garbage (clear) bags
Blue bags contaminated with items from ‘The Nasties’ list (see below)

These items contaminate other items in recyclable (blue) or organic (green) bags and will be rejected. Each of the following items is considered garbage and should be placed in a clear bag.

  • Dirty diapers
  • Used sanitary pads
  • Kitty litter
  • Dog poop
  • Styrofoam meat trays with absorbent pads
  • Bathroom waste (used q-tips, used tissues, used toilet paper, used dental floss)

Yes. All of the previously listed items (‘The Nasties’ list) can be placed in a privacy bag. Please tie the privacy bag and then place it inside a clear bag.

One privacy bag per clear bag. For roadside collection, residents are limited to five clear bags each week.

We appreciate all the hard work it takes to makes sure your waste, recyclables and organics are in the correct bag. We also know it is not always easy to remember where each item should go. Check the Victoria County Sort Sheet (on the flip side of this page). Visit our ‘Where Does It Go’ webpage (at and use the Waste Wizard (a search bar to help you find the right place to put your waste). Our sort sheet is also posted there. Our Victoria County Public Works Facebook page is a great place to ask questions and get updates. You can also call us at 1-877-510-5999 or 902-295-2026.

Clear Bag Questions & Answers

For more information, contact the Scale House at 902-295-2026 or by email at

Victoria County has switched to a clear bag program in an effort to increase recycling and composting. We must meet provincial regulations to reduce our waste. A clear bag makes it easier to see if waste has been sorted properly and helps to reduce the risk of injury to our waste collectors.

No. Clear bags have replaced black or dark green solid coloured garbage bags.

Waste of a personal nature can be placed in a privacy bag. This is a solid-coloured bag (a white kitchen-catcher style or a grocery bag) that is tied and placed inside the clear bag. One privacy bag is allowed for each clear bag. Typical items in a privacy bag can include soiled tissues, soiled diapers, feminine hygiene products and other health related items. An exception may be granted for those who produce more than the weekly limit of privacy bags for medical reasons.

No. Blue bags remain for recyclable materials; green bags for food and compostables.

Yes. Grocery bags may be used as a privacy bag and one may be placed inside a clear bag. If the contents of your shopping bag are food waste, place the food waste into a green bag and the soiled grocery bag into a clear bag (because it is soiled, it is considered garbage). If the grocery bag contains regular garbage, it must be emptied into the clear bag.