Commercial Waste Collection Tags

Victoria County offers Commercial Waste Collection Tags for businesses, who use the weekly curbside waste collection service, to increase the waste allowance. Current limits are 14 units of waste per week. The tag program allows businesses to increase the weekly waste allowance by four items for a total of 18 units.

The program applies to businesses in the industrial, commercial or institution sectors.

How does the program work?

The Commercial Waste Collection Tag program allows businesses an additional four items to be placed curbside each week using tags. Businesses can purchase tags and use them in whatever combination to suit needs.

For example, in addition to the weekly maximum totals of four clear bags, four blue bags, four green bags and two bundles of cardboard (14 waste units), commercial customers can place an additional four items (each with a tag) out for collection, for a total of 18 commercial waste units per week.

Cost: A bundle of 10 tags is $25. Tags are available for purchase at all Victoria County facilities.

1. Can bags with a tag still be rejected?

Yes. All waste must follow the Victoria County Solid Waste bylaw.

  • If it is not properly sorted, it will be rejected.
  • If it exceeds the maximum weight of 23 kg per bag, it will be rejected.
  • If it exceeds the maximum number of allowable bags/cardboard per week, it will be rejected.
  • If it is in a dark or black bag, it will be rejected
  • If the cardboard is not properly bundled, it will be rejected.

2. How much does a tag cost?

A bundle of 10 tags will cost $25, which breaks down to $2.50 per tag.

3. Can I just buy four?

Tags will not be sold individually or in lots smaller than 10.

4. How are the tags attached to the bag?

Tags are similar to a wrist band you’d receive at a hospital or for an event.  It is valid for one bag of garbage/recyclables/organics or 1 bundle of cardboard (not to exceed 23 kgs). Wrap the tag around the neck of the tied garbage bag or on the string bundling the cardboard. Make sure the tag number and municipal logo are visible to the collector and place tagged bags at the top.

5. Why is there a charge for additional commercial waste collection? 

The municipality has a limited number of trucks that make 2,200 stops per week. To ensure the trucks have the capacity to collect from homes & businesses, we must be able to plan for a predicable volume of waste each week. The amount of waste material collected from a commercial customer must be limited to ensure our vehicles have enough capacity to collect all locations along collection routes. Other municipalities use this type of program to ensure waste collection costs are distributed more fairly among the population and in proportion to the amount of waste each user generates.

Why doesn’t my taxes cover the cost for extra waste collection?

Taxes only cover a portion of the level of services offered by the municipality and therefore waste collection is not a limitless.

6. Will this program be available for residents?

Should there be a desire and a need for a residential program, we will look to expanding it at a later date.


Payment is due 30 days after statement date. Interest will be charged at 1.25% per month on all overdue accounts. The payment will be processed on the card 30 days following the original due date and account owners will be charged a handling fee if not paid in full. Users who have outstanding invoices may be denied access to our facilities until accounts are brought current.

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