Commercial Waste Management

Victoria County Waste Facilities
Commercial waste is accepted at Victoria County facilities. Tipping Fees are charged for businesses at all waste facilities for any waste, recycling or compost material from a place of business.

In Baddeck, your business will be charged per tonne.

In Dingwall, your business will be charged per load (minimum charge is $25). In Dingwall, it is cost effective to bring in full loads.

Weekly Curbside Waste Collection
The following commercial waste limits are for businesses using the weekly curbside waste collection service for commercial waste.

  • 4 Clear Bags (garbage)
  • 4 Blue Bags (recycling)
  • 4 Green bags (compost)
  • 2 Bundles of corrugated cardboard

Weight and Size Limits
Each bag and bundle of cardboard must not weigh more than 23 kilograms. Bundles of cardboard must be no larger than 30cm x 60cm x 90 cm (1 ft x 2 ft x 3 ft).

Businesses can purchase commercial waste tags to increase weekly curbside waste limits. Click here for more information.

In 2021, Victoria County established a tipping fee structure that aligns with well-understood and complete costs of waste management. Tipping fees help to make sure our two waste management facilities can keep up with provincial and federal regulations and are able to continue to meet the demand during their lifetime.

Victoria County Tip Fee Schedule

Baddeck Waste Management Facility

  MaterialIndustrial, Commercial, Institutions (ICI) $/tonne  Governments $/tonne
Source separated waste (Clear, blue, & green bags)$85.00$110.00
Recyclables & cardboard$85.00$110.00
Construction & Demolition Material$85.00$85.00
Metals & Appliances$45.00$45.00
Leaf & Yard Waste$40.00$40.00

Note: Unsorted loads will be charged two (2) times the existing fee.

Dingwall Transfer Station & New Haven Recycling Facility

  VolumeIndustrial, Commercial, Institutions (ICI) $/load  Governments $/load
Up to a ½ ton truck or car with small trailer  $25.00$35.00
¾ ton truck with or without a trailer  $35.00$45.00
1 ton truck$50.00$65.00
Tandem Truck$100.00$130.00
Tractor Trailer$200.00$260.00

Note: unsorted loads will be charged two (2) times the existing fee.

The minimum charge will be $25.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Because I use small bags for organics, will the Municipality collect more than 4 bags if I put them out for collection?

A: No, the Municipality will collect up to 4 bags of organics not to exceed 23 kgs per bag.

Q: I run a small business hauling business waste, what if I don’t have time to sort waste?

A: We understand – time is money. If you don’t sort, we have to. We are regulated to make sure the waste we send from Victoria County does not contain recyclable, compostable or other material banned from landfills. If it does – we can be fined or sanctioned, which ultimately means more cost for all Victoria County taxpayers.

Q: Why are unsorted loads charged twice the regular fee?

A: That is what it costs the municipality to sort loads on your behalf.

Q: I haul waste from apartments. They are residential. Will I be charged a tip fee?

A: Yes. The waste you are bringing to our facilities is not your personal household waste.

Q: How does the municipality determine what is a business?

A: There are four ways:
-The vehicle bringing the waste to our facilities is registered to a business.
-Vehicles that visit our facilities more than four (4) times a month.
-Vehicles exceeding one tonne of weight in a single visit.
-Vehicles hauling waste that is not their own personal household waste. Remember, if you are providing a service, you are considered a business.

Q: I run a business from my home and use weekly curbside collection for both my business & home. Will I be charged tip fees?

A: There is no charge for weekly curbside collection for your household waste. Should you bring the waste into our facility, you may be charged a tip fee (see the above question).

Q: I operate my business from the same property as my residence, am I able to place more than 4 bags per stream and 2 bundles of cardboard for curbside collection?

A: The Municipality charges a blended tax rate in such instances therefore, only 4 bags per stream and 2 bundles of cardboard may be placed for curbside collection.

Q: Are there changes to what my business can bring to Victoria County Waste Management facilities?

A: Yes. our transfer stations in Baddeck and Dingwall can no longer take tree stumps, rocks or soil and any branches must be smaller than 2.5 cm (1 inch) in

Q: How do I apply for a Waste Management Account for my business

A: You can download the Waste Management Account Application Form here.

Q: Where can I find the Solid Waste bylaw?

A: The full text of the bylaw is available online as a PDF file here.

Solid Waste Management Bylaw