Recycling Depot

There are two ENVIRO-DEPOTâ„¢ recycling facilities within the Municipality of the County of Victoria, located in Baddeck and New Haven. Our ENVIRO-DEPOTs offer refundable recycling services and are paint and electronics drop-off centres.

Deposit Refund Program for Beverage Containers

Nova Scotia’s Deposit-Refund Program came into effect in 1996. The Program applies to most ready-to-serve beverage containers purchased in Nova Scotia. Beverage containers that are accepted for refund include gable top and tetra pak beverage cartons, glass bottles and plastic beverage containers, steel and aluminum beverage cans and refillable beer bottles.

The following items are not eligible for deposit-refund

  • Milk or milk products
  • Soya and rice drinks
  • Certain meal replacements
  • Formulated liquid diets
  • Baby formulas
  • Beverage concentrates

How it Works

Container TypeDeposit PaidRefund
Non-liquor less than 5L$0.10$0.05
Liquor 500 ml or less$0.10$0.05
Liquor greater than 500m$0.20$0.10
Deposits on refillable domestic beer bottles are completely refundable ($1.20/dozen).

Fundraising for Not for Profit Groups

Interested in raising funds for your organization at the Victoria County Recycling Depots?
We choose Victoria County not-for-profits for Our Charity of the Month. If your group is selected, we will contact you with the dates that the Jim Bradley Recycling Depot (Baddeck) or New Haven Recycling Depot will be collecting refundables for your group. This selection is done once a year in December.