ReUse Centres

The Baddeck ReUse Center is getting ready for the 2023 season. It operates each Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. beginning May until October, 2023.

How it works: Donate your clean and working condition items that you no longer need or want to a ReUse Centre. By donating gently used items you are not only helping the environment by diverting items from our landfills but you are also helping a local charity. Not-for-profit organizations apply to operate the ReUse Centre to sell donated items. Proceeds go to the organization designated for that day.

We welcome donations daily, however, there are some items we are unable to accept due to sanitary and health and safety concerns. Therefore, all items you donate must be clean and in working condition.

The rule of thumb is if the item is clean and works than the best thing to do is donate it and help a local charity.

Donate items that are:

  • gently used
  • not beyond repair
  • clean
  • in good working condition
  • still usable and you don’t want to keep
  • going to sell and have lots of life left in them

Items not accepted:

  • soiled, broken or torn items
  • mold or mildew-stained items
  • ​automotive/ATV parts
  • appliances for parts
  • children’s items (toys, car seats, cribs or strollers)
  • electronics, working or otherwise
  • hazardous materials (paints, household cleaners, used batteries, old tires and aerosol products)
  • mattresses, box springs or sofa beds
  • propane tanks or barbecues
  • textiles (bedding, carpets or fabrics of any kind)
  • used helmets or outdated, well-worn sporting equipment


Baddeck ReUse Centre
(now accepting donations for the 2023 season)
Located at the Waste Management Facility in Baddeck.

Our goal is to divert materials from Nova Scotia landfills while helping local not-for-profit organizations. Groups can apply to operate a ReUse Centre for 3 consecutive Saturdays. The order is chosen via random draw. During the Saturdays that you are given, any proceeds collected belong to the group. Once dates have been selected, groups will be notified.

Not-for-profit responsibilities:
• Provide your own cash/float
• Provide your own helpers
• Set your own prices
• Please provide us with a primary contact person

For more information contact or call 902-295-2026.

ReUse Centre Application

On-Line Application Below:

(ie: # of Years)
(If applicable)

Municipality of the County of Victoria Reuse Centre User Agreement

Terms and Conditions: 1) Organizations must provide volunteers and cash/float for the three (3) consecutive dates stated in correspondence from the Municipality. If your organization is unable to fulfill this obligation, the Municipality must be notified to allow for alternate arrangements. 2) The Reuse Centre key is to be obtained from the Scale House Attendant when arriving on site and returned to the same location prior to leaving site. 3) Organizations must visit the Reuse Centre each Thursday (before 2 pm) prior to their assigned date to ensure it is tidy with space for movement around the displays. 4) The Centre is only open Saturdays from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. Representatives from your organization must be on site no later than 8:30 am to allow for opening preparations. 5) No organization is permitted to start selling items before 9:00 am. Organizations who are found selling items prior to the 9:00 am opening time may lose their privilege to operate the Centre. 6) No representative of an organization is permitted to remove any item from the Reuse Centre. The contents within the Centre are the property of the Municipality and are placed there for sale. Should representatives of organizations be found removing items from Municipal property, the organization may lose their privilege to operate the Centre. 7) Any and all damages must be reported, and the cost of repairs is the responsibility of your organization. 8) The building is to be left tidy for the next organization running the Centre. 9) The amount your group raised must be reported to the Municipality at the end of your threeweek period. This information must be emailed to: 10) The Centre is monitored by security cameras and in signing this agreement you acknowledge as such. 11) The Reuse Centre is not insulated, nor does it contain heat. Please ensure your volunteers are dressed appropriately for weather conditions. The following items are prohibited from being sold or given away. Please isolate them from the selling area and contact the Scale House Attendant for removal: • Broken or non-functioning items • Car seats, cribs, strollers, and other infant items • Helmets of any kind • Propane tanks/fire extinguishers • Thermostats • Paints, stains, or thinners • Banned, illicit or illegal items. Pricing Items for Sale: We ask that organizations do not set prices but instead, ask people to offer a price they think is fair. It has been found that people are willing to pay more per item when viewing it as a donation to your organization. Historically we have found organizations who do not set prices fundraise more than those who do.
I acknowledge that I have carefully read the “Reuse Centre User Agreement” and fully understand the terms and conditions of operation. I take full responsibility for ensuring all volunteers are aware of and comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement.
Contact Person Name