Municipal Water Systems

The Victoria County Water Utility operates four water supplies.

Dingwall Water Supply

The Dingwall Water Supply was originally constructed as a surface water supply in 1971 drawing water from the Middle Aspy River. In 1989 the system was upgraded to a new water treatment building and storage reservoir. Due to poor water characteristics of the Aspy River, a ground water source was developed and a new treatment plant was commissioned in 2003.

Source Location:Two 15.4 m wells, South Ridge Road, Cape North
Treatment:Liquid Chlorine (sodium hypochlorite)
Treated Storage Reservoir:85,800 USG
Length of Distribution System:6 km
Customers:100 services

Ingonish Water Supply

The Ingonish water system was constructed in 2005. This supply serves the Ingonish Harbour, Ingonish Beach, the Cape Breton Highlands National Park and the Keltic Lodge.

Source Location:Two 18.5 m wells, Ingonish Harbour
Treatment:Liquid Chlorine (sodium hypochlorite)
Re-Chlorination:Park Entrance, Ingonish Beach
Treated Storage Reservoir:83,000 USG at Ingonish Beach
224,000 USG within National Park
Length of Distribution System:18 km
Customers:150 services

Little Narrows Water Supply

The Little Narrows Water Supply was originally constructed in 1996. In 2009 upgrades were completed that included pump house upgrades, re-chlorination building and storage reservoir along with 17 km of distribution pipe.

Source Location:56.4 m well, Bucklaw
Treatment:Liquid Chlorine (sodium hypochlorite)
Re-Chlorination:John Neil George Road, Estmere
Treated Storage Reservoir:85,000 USG In-Ground, Little Narrows
45,000 USG above ground, MacKinnons Harbour
Length of Distribution System:19.8 km
Customers:80 services

Neils Harbour/New Haven Water Supply

The Neils Harbour Water Supply was constructed in 1996. This supply services the communities of Neils Harbour and New Haven. The system includes two groundwater wells, a pump house, a storage reservoir and approximately 6.5 km of distribution pipe.

Source:Surface Water
Source Location:Trout Brook, New Haven
Treatment:Conventional Chemical Treatment with a Gravity Clarifier
Soda Ash (pH Adjustment)Potassium Permanganate (oxidizer)Aluminum Chloride Hydroxide Sulfate (Coagulant)Polymer Aid (flocculent)Hypochlorination (Disinfectant)
Treated Storage Reservoir:78,000 USG
Length of Distribution System:6.5 km
Customers:150 services