Water Rates & Fees

Water Utilities in the Province of Nova Scotia are regulated by the Nova Scotia Water and Utility Board (NSUARB). The NSUARB sets rates, tolls and charges; establishes regulations for the provision of service and any other matter the Board feels is necessary to properly exercise its mandate.

Water Rates

The following rates have been approved by the NSUARB. These rates are effective April 1, 2024. For your information we have set out below, by meter size, the details of these rates. For further information or if you have questions about water rates, please email or call Public Works Technician, Greg Weir, at 902-295-3669.

2024/2025 Rates – Effective April 1, 2024

Meter Size
Base Rate

The minimum monthly bill shall be the base charge.

Fees and Penalities

The Utility shall charge a $1,000.00 fee for supplying and laying a 3/4″ service pipe and fittings including the necessary excavation for the laying of the service pipe, backfilling, and replacement of the street and sidewalk surface from the water main in the street to the street line.  This shall be done by the Utility or its contractor.

In cases where boring/augering under the street is required by Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal the fee shall be the actual cost of the installation.  From the street line to the premises all costs shall be paid by the customer. 

The Utility shall charge a $125.00 fee for the creation of a water account, notwithstanding the fact no physical disconnection of the system may have occurred.

Whenever a customer, for any reason requests that the water be turned off from any premises, a charge of $60.00 shall be made for turning off the water, and no additional charge shall be made for turning it on again when this is requested unless such request is after regular working hours of the Utility when a fee of $160.00 shall apply.

When water service has been suspended for any violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Victoria County Water Utility, such water service shall not be re-established until a reconnection charge of $60.00 has been paid. If reconnection is outside regular working hours, the charge is $160.00.

A special service charge of $60.00 ($160.00 if such work is performed after regular working hours) shall be made to each customer receiving a necessary or requested service, such as the shutting off or turning on of water service or other special services not provided for elsewhere in the schedule or the rules and regulations.

The Utility may charge a $25.00 administration fee plus any additional bank fees for cheques that, due to non-negotiability, have been rejected by the Utility’s bank.

Where an appointment has been made by a customer to have a water service hooked up or a meter inspected, or what turned on to a property, or other visits to the property for the inception or maintenance of water service to the property, and the customer fails to keep the appointment or the plumbing is not completed to allow for installation of a water meter and the Utility’s staff have to return to the property, there may be a charge of $25.00 for each visit if, in the judgement of the Utility, it is required.

The Utility may charge penalties in addition to the applicable water charges for each illegal water connection as follows:

  1. 1st Offence   $200.00
  2. 2nd Offence  $500.00