Animal Control

Dog Owner Responsibilities

Victoria County is wonderful place to live for a dog. There is great walking in the woods; wonderful smells by the ocean and who doesn’t love chasing a stick into the water!
Yes, dogs add to the enjoyment of everyday life and quickly become members of our families.

Here are a few rules and responsibilities for Victoria County dog owners.

  • Dogs are not permitted to run at large
  • All dogs must under control when in public
  • Owners must ensure their dog does not cause disruption of the peace by persistent howling, barking or noise-making
  • All dog poop must be removed from private or public property (other than on owner’s property)
  • All dogs must be registered each year with the municipality and wear municipality-issued dog tags

Dog Registration – What You Need to Know:
All dogs must be registered annually with the Municipality. Registration is good for one year and is due by March 31. If you sell your dog, the new owner must update the municipality. If your dog dies, you must cancel the registration.
To register your dog and pay the registration fee, visit the Municipal Offices in the Baddeck Courthouse with the following information:
     • Name of dog
     • Sex
     • Age
     • Breed
     • Colour & Markings

We will keep a record of your animal and provide you with a numbered dog tag that your animal must wear at all times. Should your animal go missing, our Dog Control Officer will have information to help find your pet more quickly. Annual Registration Fees for Dogs Due March 31 of each year.

Registration Fees:   Spayed/Neutered Dog $10   Un-spayed/Un-Neutered Dog $25

Animal Control Officers

Terry Hogan

Phone: 902-285-0394