Senior Safety

Looking out for everyone over age 55 in Victoria County, the Seniors’ Safety Program is funded by the Department of Seniors and the Municipality of the County of Victoria. In addition, we seek grants for specific projects and programs.

Our mandate is to cooperate with community partners such as RCMP, Continuing Care, Victoria County Home Support Services, Caregovers NS, Community Links, 211, Cape Breton Regional Library, BOLD, Hospice, Victoria County Transit, church groups, Time Bank, seniors residences and LTC facilities, Community Health Boards, as well as with the Coordinators of the other Seniors Safety Programs from across Nova Scotia to help seniors stay safe at home and in the community.

Collaboration leads to the development and implementation of public programming for seniors related to physical, mental, emotional, social and environmental safety.  We also respond to individual needs by helping seniors find resources and support.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to Cassandra Yonder who works part-time from the Court House in Baddeck to coordinate the Seniors Safety program.  She is available every Monday and Tuesday by telephone (902) 295-3672 or email to talk about anything pertaining to the safety and well being of Victoria County residents over 55.

To learn more about Victoria County’s Seniors Safety Program, contact the program coordinator directly, or join our facebook group: 


Senior’s Safety

Cassandra Yonder

Seniors Safety Officer

Phone: 902-295-3672