Village of Baddeck

The Village Commission is responsible for the water and sewer services for the residents of the village of Baddeck. The Commission also oversees sidewalk clearing in the winter, beautification in the summer, Baddeck wharf and Kidston Island operations. Scroll down to see commission minutes, meeting notices and other information, including who we are and how to contact us.


From the Village Commission of Baddeck

Please note that the next Village Commission meeting will be held at the Inverary Inn on Thursday December 5, 2019 at 5pm.

An agenda will be posted when available.



From the Village Commission of Baddeck 

Saturday, November 2, 2019 - Afternoon update 

Baddeck Conserve Water Order is lifted. 

Baddeck residents are being told they no longer have to conserve water. However, the boil water order (to a rolling boil for two minutes) is still in effect until further notice. Another update will be issued on Monday. 

To ensure safety, water testing will continue throughout the weekend, says Village of Baddeck Chief Administration Officer Megan Cooper. “At this point, citizens should know the village is working on the issue throughout weekend,” says Cooper. “We are being vigilant by monitoring on both Saturday and Sunday.” 

After serving 700 4-litre jugs to residents, the Baddeck Fire Hall Community comfort centre is now closed. Residents are being asked to boil their water, as a precaution, until testing is completed. The Nova Scotia Department of Environment will give their approval to drop the boil water order. 


For more information: 

Chief Administration Officer

Village of Baddeck

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



July 12, 2019  8:30 am update. Good news this morning! The water level in the tank has risen substantially overnight. That means water levels are no longer critical. However, conservation should remain an issue in all our minds. Here is some info and tips for conserving water over the long term:

Update 5 pm - The water levels in the tower are slowly rising. Keep conserving. Hoping that by morning we will see a good increase in the water level. Next update 9 am Friday.


Update: 3 pm Water is slowly filling in the tower. Still critical but building. Please continue to conserve water.

9:30 am Thursday July 11, 2019
Baddeck Water Tower a Critical Level
The Baddeck Water Tower is at a critically low level. Please conserve water.
Due to a power outage at the pumps yesterday, the tower did not refill as usual. A crew is on the way to inspect. In the meantime, please conserve water.
• Do not let the taps run when washing or rinsing
• Take shorter showers and no baths
• Do not water lawn or gardens
• Do not let your faucet run when washing or rinsing
• Limit washing clothes and dishes today
• Keep a bottle of water in the fridge to avoid running taps
• Flush toilet less often
An update will be provided at 12 noon.


For Immediate Release
July 10, 2019
Baddeck, N.S. - This morning, during the normal course of operations, a chlorine leak was detected at the Baddeck Water Treatment Plant. The building was sealed. The Baddeck Fire Department attended the scene, accessed the building and shut off the leak.
There were no injuries. There is no risk to the public. The water supply is safe for all uses.
Approximately 20 kilograms of chemical was dispersed. By 4 pm detectors inside the building indicated there was no longer any chlorine in the air.
The Department of Environment has been notified.



Our latest edition of The Village News newsletter is in mailboxes! Or you can read it here: The Village News Spring Edition April 2019



Here is the first edition of The Village News - our quarterly newsletter. Our goal is to keep you up-to-date on Village Commission happenings and events.



August 8, 2018

July 11 2018

June 6 2018

May 23 2018

May 9 2018

April 18, 2018



Overnight tie-ups = $1.25/ft
Hourly tie-up rate = $2/hr


Village Rate Set

At a May 23, 2018 Special Meeting of the Village of Baddeck, the area rate requirements for the Village of Baddeck were discussed and the rate was set. The 2018-19 residential area rate will be $0.21/$100 of assessment, while the commercial area rate will be $0.25/$100 of assessment. The fire protection rate is $0.075/$100 of assessment. These rates are competitive, compared to other Villages across the province.

The Village area rate covers the following costs:
Administrative                                                  $45,172.20
Wages & Benefits                                             $62,700.00
Sidewalks                                                        $20,159.83
Beautification                                                   $35,000.00
Public Relations/Advertising/Program Contributions $13,790.00

Total Expenditures                                          $176,822.03

Total to be collected on area rates                    $176,822.03


Who We Are and How to Contact us:

The Village Commission is responsible for the water and sewer services for the residents of the village of Baddeck. The Commission also oversees sidewalk clearing in the winter, beautification in the summer, Baddeck wharf and Kidston Island operations.

The Baddeck Village Commission:

  • Brian Morrison, Chair
  • Philip MacRae
  • Bill Marchant
  • Jacqueline Hendriksen
  • Ian Nicholson

The Village of Baddeck Office is located on the main floor of the Baddeck Courthouse, 495 Chebucto Street, Baddeck.

Megan Cooper, Clerk-Treasurer
Ph: 902-295-3666
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                                                                                                                                   

Trudy Gillis, Public Works Supervisor
Ph: 902-294-0705 (cell)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scott MacLeod, Public Works Operator - Cell: 902-295-7522

Joe Baker, Public Works Operator - Cell: 902-295-0123


Credit Card Payments

The Municipality of Victoria County has partnered with PAYMENTUS, a third party payment service, to accept credit card payments. Paymentus will add a 1.75% service charge to the payment total.

You can also access the Paymentus service by calling their toll free number at 1-855-748-6067.

To make a payment on your Victoria County WATER or TAX bill or your Village of Baddeck WATER OR TAX BILL with a Visa or MasterCard, you will need a valid email account. Please have your account number ready.


  This link will take you the Paymentus

website for payment. Click OK to proceed.


As part of our continuing compliance program, on October 22, 2018, Victoria County Waste Collection facilities and Waste Collection crews can no longer accept non-compliant waste. Non-compliant bags will be left with a rejection sticker and must be re-sorted/corrected before being accepted at our facilities or collected.

What is non-compliant waste?

The Victoria County waste management system has three waste streams:

  • Clear bags for garbage
  • Blue bags for recyclables
  • Green bags for organics

Non-compliant waste is waste that does not follow our Solid Waste by-law. It can be garbage mixed with recyclables in a blue bag or a mix of items in one bag; it may be a bag that is over the acceptable weight limit (25 kgs).


  • Food in blue bags (food stuff should be placed in a translucent green bag)
  • Recyclable items in garbage (clear) bags
  • Blue bags contaminated with items from ‘The Nasties’ list (see below)

 What is on ‘The Nasties’ list?
These items contaminate other items in recyclable (blue) or organic (green) bags and will be rejected. Each of the following items is considered garbage and should be placed in a clear bag.

  • Dirty diapers
  • Used sanitary pads
  • Kitty litter
  • Dog poop
  • Styrofoam meat trays with absorbent pads
  • Bathroom waste (used q-tips, used tissues, used toilet paper, used dental floss)

Can I still use a privacy bag?

Yes. All of the previously listed items (‘The Nasties’ list) can be placed in a privacy bag. Please tie the privacy bag and then place it inside a clear bag.

How many privacy bags can I use?
One privacy bag per clear bag. For roadside collection, residents are limited to five clear bags each week.

I work hard to recycle. How will I know if I am following the rules?
We appreciate all the hard work it takes to makes sure your waste, recyclables and organics are in the correct bag. We also know it is not always easy to remember where each item should go. If you have any questions before we begin rejecting non-compliant waste on October 22, 2018, contact us. Check the Victoria County Sort Sheet (on the flip side of this page). Visit our ‘Where Does It Go’ webpage (at and use the Waste Wizard (a search bar to help you find the right place to put your waste). Our sort sheet is also posted there. Our Victoria County Public Works Facebook page is a great place to ask questions and get updates. You can also call us at 1-877-510-5999 or 902-295-2117.


Clear Bag Questions & Answers

clear garbage bag

Why do I have to put my garbage in a clear bag?

Victoria County has switched to a clear bag program in an effort to increase recycling and composting. We must meet provincial regulations to reduce our waste. A clear bag makes it easier to see if waste has been sorted properly and helps to reduce the risk of injury to our waste collectors.

Have the sorting rules changed?

No. Clear bags have replaced black or dark green solid coloured garbage bags.

What do I do with personal waste?

Waste of a personal nature can be placed in a privacy bag. This is a solid-coloured bag (a white kitchen-catcher style or a grocery bag) that is tied and placed inside the clear bag. One privacy bag is allowed for each clear bag. Typical items in a privacy bag can include soiled tissues, soiled diapers, feminine hygiene products and other health related items. An exception may be granted for those who produce more than the weekly limit of privacy bags for medical reasons.

Will I have to use clear bags for recyclables too?

No. Blue bags remain for recyclable materials; green bags for food and compostables.

Can I use plastic grocery bags as my privacy bag?

Yes. Grocery bags may be used as a privacy bag and one may be placed inside a clear bag. If the contents of your shopping bag are food waste, place the food waste into a green bag and the soiled grocery bag into a clear bag (because it is soiled, it is considered garbage). If the grocery bag contains regular garbage, it must be emptied into the clear bag.

For more information, contact Jocelyn Bethune at 902-295-2117 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where Does it Go?

Check out our brand new Waste Wizard! Give it a try - type a waste item in the search bar and the Wizard will tell you which bag to place the item in!

Victoria County Sort Sheet

Please download the Victoria County Sort Sheet for information about how to dispose of garbage, recyclables and organics.

The Baddeck Recycling Centre and the New Haven Recycling Centre now accept batteries, cell phones and fabrics.

Provincial Recycling Programs (computers, tires,sharps and paint). For more information, click the following links:

Electronics Recycling

altAll residents and businesses in Victoria County can recycle their unwanted electronics free of charge through an ACES Drop-off Centre at the Baddeck Enviro-Depot™ or the Dingwall Transfer Station.

The ACES (Atlantic Canada Electronics Stewardship) Program is designed to manage unwanted electronic products that have exhausted their reuse potential. If your electronic items are not at the end of their useful life, you are encouraged to donate them to family members, friends or local charities.


  • Desktop computers
  • Keyboards and accessories such as a mouse.
  • Laptops and tablets
  • Printers (but NOT printer cartidges)
  • Monitors
  • Portable speakers, stereos, CB players, cam-corders, digital cameras
  • Car stereos, speakers, amplifiers
  • Home theatre componets (disc player, television, speaker, amplifier)
  • VCR's, DVD players, satelite cable equipment, clock radios, docking systems, projectors, amplifiers, receivers, stereos
  • Non-cellular phones

For larger quantities of electronics (25 units or more), an appointment must be made with the ACES Drop-off Centre. When booking the appointment, the ACES Drop-off Centre staff will need to know the number of pieces being dropped off.

Note that large quantities can only be be accepted at the Baddeck Enviro Depot. To make arrangements for a delivery please call: 295-2026.

Tire Recycling Program

altEvery year more than 900,000 used tires are collected from tire retailers from across Nova Scotia. To conserve landfill space and reduce environmental hazards on-road motor vehicle tires with a rim size of 24.5 inches or less have been banned from disposal in Nova Scotia since 1997.

When a new tire is purchased in Nova Scotia a one-time environmental fee is applied at the point-of-sale. This fee is then submitted to the RRFB to help support the costs of collecting and processing the tires.

Tire Environmental Fee (updated Sept.1, 2014)

  • All passenger tires: $4.50
  • All light truck tires not exceeding 17": $4.50
  • All truck tires over 17" but not exceeding 24.5": $13.50
  • All truck tires over 24.5": $13.50

RRFB handling fees on new tires pdf Tire handling fees


Where can I dispose of my used tires?

You can return up to four used tires at a time to any tire retailer in Nova Scotia at no cost. Tires must be removed from the rim and free of mud and debris. We suggest leaving used tires at your tire retailer when you purchase new tires.

If you are unable to leave used tires at your tire retailer they may be taken to either the Baddeck Transfer Station or Dingwall Transfer Station. When disposing of tires at either site, they must be removed from the rim.

Safe Sharps Bring-Back Program

For your safety and the safety of others, sharps should only be placed in a Safe Sharps Container. Used sharps must be handled safely and properly, therefore never be disposed of in plastic bottles, jugs, blue bags or garbage bags.

Please follow these tips to safely dispose of syringes, needles and lancets:

  1. Pick up a free Safe Sharps container at your community pharmacy or Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) Supply Centre.
  2. Place your used syringes, needles and lancets into the Safe Sharps container.
  3. When the container is almost full, seal the lid.
  4. Return the sealed container to your community pharmacy or CDA Supply Centre.

Paint Recycling Program

GALLON-PAINTOver 3 million cans of paint are purchased every year in Nova Scotia and up to 25% of the paint is never used. The Nova Scotia Paint Recycling Program helps keep unused paint out of landfills, incinerators and most importantly out of our environment.

Left over paint can be returned to the Enviro-Depot™ in Baddeck or the Transfer Station in Dingwall. The unused paint gets recycled into new paint products.

When returning unused paint to one of our facilities, please ensure the paint is tightly sealed in its original container and the contents of the container clearly labeled.

The following types of paint are accepted:

  • Interior & exterior latex, alkyd, enamel and oil-based paints
  • Porch, floor and deck paints
  • Interior & exterior varnishes and urethanes
  • Primers, undercoats, block fillers & sealers
  • Marine enamels (must not contain pesticides)
  • Wood finishing oils and stains
  • Rust paint, decorative metal paints
  • Fence and barn paints
  • Aluminum paints
  • Paint aerosols, including latex, alkyds and varathanes

The following types of paint are not accepted:

  • Empty paint cans and cans that are bulging
  • Paints containing pesticides
  • Unpressurized craft and artist paints
  • Unpressurized automotive paints
  • Industrial paints
  • Two-part paints (e.g. urethans and epoxies)
  • Roof patch, tar, grease
  • Solvents (e.g. paint thinner or Varsol®)
  • Cans with any concentration of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's)
  • Glues and adhesives
  • Traffic paint
  • Deck cleaners
  • Lead labeled paints
  • Lacquers
  • Expoxies
  • Corrosive products
  • Paint aerosols, including lacquers, adhesives and automotive.

Empty paint cans can be disposed of at the Baddeck Transfer Station or Dingwall Transfer Station as long as the paint is dry and the lids are removed.

It's no coincidence that there is lots of green and blue in Victoria County's logo. These colors also play a role in Victoria County's waste management efforts. Naturally, it's all connected.
These colours help us to put waste in its place. And this makes sure we are doing our part to help keep Victoria County clean and beautiful. Our goal is to make sure that items that can be recycled are.
That means placing plastics, tin cans and bottles into one blue bag; cereal boxes, newsprint and paper into another blue bag. That also means placing food waste like tea bags, egg shells and table scraps into a green bag. Once your blue and green bags are collected at your curbside, the Public Works Department ensures that the blue bag contents are delivered to a market and that the green bag material is returned to the earth to make compost. You can help by ensuring the right waste is in the right bag and that your recyclables are rinsed.
Ultimately, this will keep our county's waters blue and our mountains green. It's all connected.

            You can call our hotline at 1-877-510-5999

            Check out our Facebook page at Victoria County Public Works.

        Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..