Budget Survey Results & Next Steps

Victoria County’s first budget survey, launched on February 16th, 2024 aimed to collect direct community input for the municipal budgeting process. On the Municipal Budget Process image, it shows where public input fits into the overall process.

The survey was distributed and available through a number of communication channels – in print (via Canada Post to 3,500 households), here on the Victoria County website, and at the Municipal Office.

Deadline was extended to March 4, 2024 and promoted on Facebook to ensure residents had a chance to fill it out.

Please have a look at the results presented to Victoria County Council in the document below.

The next Budget discussion in April will consider the feedback received. If you’d like to provide further feedback, please contact your District Councillor.

Want to learn a little more about municipal budgets?

Take a few minutes to watch our Municipal Budget 101 video to learn how it works:

Victoria County Municipal Budget 101

Victoria County Council Budget 2024 discussions have started!

If your eyes glaze over just hearing the word “budget”, here’s a simple video which explains where the County gets its revenue and how it’s spent. The Municipal Budget 101 video only takes a few minutes to watch and it may answer some basic questions.