Czech Republic Fact-Finding Report

Presentation to Victoria County Council

Victoria County Council has approved a report presented to Council on behalf of staff representatives sent to the Czech Republic on a fact-finding trip by Council.

The Victoria County team examined several tourism models in Czech Republic to evaluate potential for sustainable, year-round tourism in Ingonish and throughout Victoria County. The report, including the meetings with municipal officials in the Czech Republic, was presented to Council by Parker Horton, Economic Development Officer – Victoria County. It provides an overview of the 10-day fact-finding trip. Here’s a quote from his presentation, followed by the report.

“Our recent trip was a real eye-opener, showing me the incredible opportunities that lie ahead for Victoria County. It’s become clear that with a solid strategic plan and a shared vision, we can achieve remarkable growth and bring our community closer. The success stories we’ve seen are not just inspiring—they’re actionable models we can adapt to our own needs. This journey has made me more committed to fostering a future where strategic planning and community involvement are at the heart of our development. Together, we can make Victoria County a place of prosperity and unity.”

Parker Horton, Economic Development Officer

Exploring Sustainable Tourism Development Report

On-line Succession Planning

This 6-part online program is open to businesses all across Nova Scotia, and aims to help participants plan to exit their businesses seamlessly and profitably. It also aims to help them consider succession options they may not have thought of before, including co-operative spinoffs and social conversions. In this sense, it is not only succession planning for the sake of the outgoing business owner, but for the potential economic and social benefit of the community that surrounds them.

All of the necessary information, including registration can be found here:

Provided by the BDC, the Valley REN, Cumberland Business Connector, and the Cape Breton Partnership.