Hardcopy of draft Plan Victoria County documents.

Printed Copies of the Draft Plan Victoria County Documents

If you’d prefer to read a printed copy of the documents “Draft Municipal Planning Strategy” and/or  “Draft Land Use By-law”  for the Plan Victoria County project,  these two draft documents are available at the Victoria County Municipal Building in Baddeck at 495 Chebucto Street.

As these are large documents, please make an appointment by contacting Steff MacLeod at Steff.MacLeod@victoriacounty.ca or by calling 902-295-3659.

If you choose to read these documents online, where you can view fact sheets and summary information on topics such as agriculture, housing, environment, recreation, and tourism, they are available at www.planvictoria.ca.

“Plan Victoria County” is part of a larger project called “Plan Eastern Nova” which is a joint effort between the respective municipalities of the counties of Antigonish, Inverness, Richmond, and Victoria to establish municipal planning strategies and land use by-laws for each municipality. It is overseen by the Eastern District Planning Commission (EDPC).

The engagement period is open until March 31, 2024.