Update from the Emergency Council Session March 25, 2020

The meeting took place via teleconferencing. Here is the link to a video of the meeting: https://youtu.be/UwKcIB4Ja8o.
• Council approved the Pandemic Preparedness Plan for the continuation of essential operations during a pandemic. The Municipal Plan fosters business continuity by outlining the action plans and processes to be followed as we work toward the resumption of normal business operations. You can read the plan here.
• Council approved a recommendation that the current credit card limit be increased from $50,000 to $100,000 as it is difficult to get cheques signed during the pandemic. This will allow for purchases needed for essential services.
• Businesses and residents have expressed growing concerns over paying taxes with so many businesses closed. The province is looking at possible ways to ease this burden during this time. The municipality is working with the Association of Municipal Administrators of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities to determine methods for province to help. In the meantime, businesses can contact Patrick Austin, Victoria County Economic Development Officer ( 902-294-0126/patrick@capebretonpartnership.com) and residents can contact the Tax department (902-295-3231/Pauline.davis@countyvictoria.ns.ca) with their concerns.
• Operations Update: The municipality is working with a skeleton crew. Waste Collection continues, but our sites are closed to the public.
• Council passed a motion appointing Blair Gallop as Victoria County Returning Officer for the October 2020 municipal elections.
• Another council session will take place April 6, via teleconferencing. Minutes will be posted the following day at https://victoriacounty.com/government/municipal-council/meeting-minutes/

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