Volunteer Week April 23-29, 2017

Provincial Volunteer Week in 2017 was held from April 23-29.  Victoria County participated in this year's celebration and honoring volunteers and community organizations for their outstanding contribution to their community this past year at Victoria County's Volunteer Recognition Night(s), Tuesday, April 25th, 7 pm. at North Highlands Culture Centre, Cape North and Wednesday, April 26 at Gaelic College, St. Ann's at 7 pm.  Mr. Joe MacNeil, Ingonish, was Council's representative for Volunteers in Victoria County at Provincial Volunteer Ceremony in Halifax on April 18th. Mr. MacNeil has several years as a volunteer coach in wrestling, basketball and junior golf.

The following were recognized as Outstanding Adult Volunteer for their community organization.

  1. Mr. Joe MacNeil, Ski Cape Smokey
  2. Ms. Jen Moses, Seawall Trail Society
  3. Mr. Donald Jardine, Ingonish Development Society
  4. Mr. Jason Williams, Ski Cape Smokey
  5. Mr. Williard Murphy, Ski Cape Smokey
  6. Mr. Kevin Dauphinee, Ski Cape Smokey
  7. Mr. Murdock and Anne Morrison, Ross Ferry Stewardship Society
  8. Ms. Mary Ann Wilson, St. Ann's Bay Development Society
  9. Mr. Athol Grant, Biosphere Northeast Trails Association
  10. Ms. Belinda Garland, BABTA
  11. Mr. Jody MacDonald, Ross Ferry Volunteer Fire Dept.
  12. Ms. Diane Grant, Englishtown Community Hall
  13. Ms. Shelley Allen, Big Wave Summer Festival
  14. Ms. Terry Murray, Hospice Society of Victoria County
  15. Ms. Katherine MacLeod, Central Cape Breton Community Ventures Inc.
  16. Ms. Mary Emma MacNeil, Nova Scotia Highland Village
  17. Mr. Stephen Kerr, Bras d'Or Archers Association
  18. Ms. Brenda Campbell,Royal Canadian Legion Br.#124, Iona
  19. Ms. Patsy Timmerman,  Royal Canadian Legion Br.#124, Iona
  20. Mr. Donald MacKinnon, Royal Canadian Legion Br.#124, Iona
  21. Ms. Mabel Cox, Helping Hands South of Smokey Food Bank Services
  22. Mr. Archie MacDonald, (Posthumous), Ross Ferry Volunteer Fire Dept.
  23. Mr. Bill Conall, St. Ann's Bay Community Health Group Society
  24. Ms. Bonnie Kuchta, Victoria Highland Civic Centre, Baddeck Academy, Baddeck Baptist Church


The following were recognized as Outstanding Youth Volunteers:

  1. Naomi MacCormack, Baddeck Baptist Church
  2. Ally Smith, Baddeck Baptist Church
  3. Sarah MacCormack, Baddeck Baptist Church
  4. Alexander MacRae, St. Ann's Bay Youth Group
  5. Ailig Gillis, Nova Scotia Highland Village Society

The following organizations were recognized for the Community Achievement Award:

  1. Ski Cape Smokey
  2. North Highlands Community Organization ( Museum & Culture Centre)
  3. St. Ann's Bay Youth Group
  4. Boularderie MammoWarriors
  5. Ross Ferry Stewartship Society
  6. Festiville Baddeck
  7. Hello Winter Baddeck

Next year Volunteer Week will be celebrated from April 15-21, 2018,