Volunteer Week April 15-21, 2012

Provincial Volunteer Week in 2012 was held from April 15 -21st. Victoria County participated in this year's celebration and honoring volunteers and community organizations for their outstanding contribution to their community this past year at Victoria County's Volunteer Recognition Night, Monday, April 16th, 7 pm. at MacKenzie Hall, Gaelic College, St. Ann's.

The following were recognized as Outstanding Adult Volunteer for their community organization.

  1. Mr. Lonnie Dowe,Middle River Highland Seniors Club
  2. Ms. Michelle Symes, Ross Ferry Volunteer Fire Dept.
  3. Mr. Johnathon Smith, Neil's Harbour/New Haven Development Association
  4. Mr. David Rasmussen, Hike the Highlands Festival
  5. Mr. Lorne MacNeil, Nova Scotia Highland Village Society
  6. Ms. Nancy Smith, North Shore & District Volunteer Fire Dept.
  7. Mr. Bill Marchant, Baddeck Lions Club
  8. Mr. Chuck Spinney, Crowdis Mountain Snowmobile Club
  9. Mr. John M. MacLeod, South Haven Community Hall
  10. Mr. Jim Steele, SABDA, St. Ann's Bay Development Association
  11. Mr. Eliot & Ms. Marie Frosst, Ross Ferry Stewardship Society
  12. Ms. Joan Murphy, Baddeck Navy League Branch
  13. Mr. Jonathon Saul, Victoria Highland Civic Center
  14. Tanya & Joey Hawley - Ski Cape Smokey
  15. Dorothy and Graham Best, Ski Cape Smokey
  16. Eugene Barron & Bonnie Jean Donovan, Ski Cape Smokey
  17. Dianne Robinson & Keith Bradbury, Ski Cape Smokey

The following were recognized as Outstanding Youth Volunteers:

  1. Dryden MacNeil, Iona Volunteer Fire Dept.
  2. Dayna MacNeil, Nova Scotia Highland Village Society
  3. Craig MacKinnon, Washabuck Community Centre

The following organizations were recognized for the Community Achievement Award:

  1. Neil's Harbour/New Haven Development Association
  2. South Haven Community Hall
  3. Ski Cape Smokey Society
  4. Baddeck Lions Club
  5. Iona Community Improvement Association

Next year Volunteer Week will be celebrated from April 21-27, 2013.