Tourism Strategy & Priorities

Tourism Strategy

The Victoria County Tourism Strategy provides an overview of tourism related activities and initiatives undertaken by various organizations that work to improve the experience provided to visitors in Victoria County. It is focused on aligning with partner tourism organizations to meet the strategic goals in order to increase the visitation to the area as well as increase the amount visitors spend here while visiting.

The most recent 3 year Tourism Strategy for Victoria County had wrapped up in 2019 with some great successes and record visitation numbers achieved over those three years. In 2020, while working to prepare and lunch a new 3 year tourism strategy, we were faced with the Covid-19 Pandemic. It was clear early on that everything we knew in tourism was going to change and we were being faced with many unknowns in relation to the future recovery of the industry. Due to this, the decision was made to put the strategy preparation on hold until a time when we had a more clear picture of when the Pandemic will subside and what the new normal might look like for destination tourism.

Now in the first quarter of 2021, we are now embarking on re-building the 3-yr Victoria County Tourism Strategy. With Destination Cape Breton launching a focused 10 year tourism strategy and Nova Scotia Tourism outlining some targeted approaches, we will engage with Tourism Operators across the county again and gather input on their challenges and opportunities in order to build a plan that aligns with partners and provides operators with the opportunity to grow and prosper.